Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the conference?

For the main conference days, UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center. We are returning coz' it is convenient for both drivers and public transportation lovers. It has yummy, healthy food! It gently nudges us to take a time out for our mind and body: lay out on the grass, play frisbees, enjoy the sun, or work it out for $20 at their onsite gym with rock climbing and racquet ball. Their staff is serious about sustainability and accessibility too.

For the pre-conference workshops, we are looking to partner with companies that has day-time event space in SF fitting 40-80 people classroom style 8/15-16. Please email Grace, our Conference Chair.



How much are the passes? When do they go on sale?

  • 50 Early bird passes (25% off) are $300 for an individual pass and $525 for a corporate pass. They go on sale on April 23, 2019
  • Regular bird passes are $350 for an individual pass and $600 for a corporate pass.
  • Late bird passes are $400 for individual and $700 for corporate. They go on sale July 25, 2019.
  • If the main conference is not sold out by August 1, we will release Saturday and Sunday only passes at prices TBD.
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    What is the difference between Corporate Pass and Individual (Hobbyist) Pass? What do they include?

    Corporate Pass is for employed folks working at companies with more than 5 people

    Individual (Hobbyist) Pass is for students, people in between jobs, and working professionals at non-profits or startups with 5 or fewer people

    Your Individual or Corporate pass includes continental breakfast, buffet lunch, a ton of coffee, happy hour on Sat night, a conference T-shirt, and goodies from conference sponsors. The more support we receive from sponsors and corporate pass sales, the more we can offer back to you.

    Your conference pass does not include pre-conference workshops. Tickets for workshops range from $150-$300 depending on how long the workshops are.




    Can I buy an Individual (Hobbyist) Ticket if my company is reimbursing me?

    Technically speaking, yes, because we'd like to be inclusive.

    But we prefer that if you have the means, you would pay it forward by getting the higher priced ticket. This way, you are not taking away the resources from people who needs financial aid to attend, and you are helping your community organizers move towards sustainable operations by having the funds to employ paid staff. PyBay is also a fund-raising project for SF Python who runs 20+ free events a year to enhance the Python community and ecosystem in SF Bay Area.



    Do workshops cost extra?

    Yes. Half-day workshops are $150.

    Workshop pass will be released in June 2019.



    Will there be any scholarships, or any ways to volunteer in exchange for discounted registration?

    Your Conference Chair Grace and your PyMaker Fest Chair Tyler are actively pitching sponsorships to companies so we will have funding to help those in need.

    The plan is to use the money we raise to provide two types of assistance: Financial Aid (50% off Individual Price Tickets) and merit- based Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships (Full Ride). There will be an application process similar to last year's. Your Scholarships Chair Chris is working hard to flush out the details for this year's program.

    We have a budget for about 10 volunteer organizers that are materially helping with the planning and execution of the conference. For contributors that are helping ad hocly _before_ the conference, we offer a 20% discount. If you are interested in helping out, other than just voting on talks, the bottom of this form indicates area we can use help in.



    How can I help?

    This is the single most asked question since we announced PyBay! We love this community!

    Please help us by:

    • Spreading the word on PyBay:
      • Post news about PyBay to the mailing lists you belong to
      • Follow @py_bay and #pybay2019 on Twitter and retweet news
    • Submit a talk or workshop
    • Apply to vote for talks or help in other areas
    • Purchase ticket early
    • Pay the corporate ticket rate if your company has more than 5 employees
    • Email Grace Law with names and contact info of people that may be interested in sponsoring PyBay



    I am interested in supporting diversity, what can I do?

    Super! We raised almost $20K last year and help 35 under-represented folks attend PyBay! We want to do even better this year.

    If you are passionate about recognizing the diverse talents in the Python community and bringing Python to more underserved people, please email Grace, our Conference Chair and help Chair that effort! This page highlights what we've done last year D&I program.

    If you'd like to make a donation, click here!



    I'd like to sponsor, what are the next steps?

    Thanks in advance! If you don't have additional questions, few easy steps:

    1) Provide branding info

    2) Pay via credit card to confirm sponsorship and acceptance to terms and conditions in Sponsor Prospectus pdf.

    3) Post job(s) on (Benefits for Champion, promotor and partner sponsors)

    4) Execute sponsor's agreement if paying via check or

    5) Sit back, relax, watch the tweets come in, and start thinking about your in-conference presence in mid-July.



    I'd like to have a table to exhibit. What's the best option?

    That depends on your budget :-)

    If you've $20K+, be our Champion sponsor. You'll have 2 full days to exhibit, your booth will be large enough to have PyBay paid bodyworkers or you can run your own programs (genius bar, short talks, informational sessions with hiring managers). You also get talk time before keynote, and many more visibility during the conference. Plus, you will get post conference visibility to 6000+ subscribers on our YouTube channel when we publish the talks.

    If you've $10K, go for one of the following:

    • Partner sponsorship - this will allow you to exhibit 2 days, get a job slot on, and have your brand be promoted via menus and napkins. Have you heard? PyBay serves the best conference food because your silly conference organizer is into the health and well being of the dev community.
    • A combination of Promoter AND Diversity and Inclusion Advocate sponsorship. You get to exhibit both days, have a job slot on, guest blog on pybay's medium and let developers know about your product, services, and D & I mission.
    • A combination of Promoter and Add-on/A la carte sponsorships - this will allow you to exhibit one day ($5K) so your devs have more time to hobnob at the conference, consider using the rest of your budget to:
      • get premium networking by supporting speaker's lodging and flight ($2K). Not only will you generate tremendous goodwill in the community, you will also be invited to our special gathering for speakers, organizers and notable members in the community.
      • get your brand in front of more people by adding conference lanyard ($2K), chair drop ($2.5K), coffee & tea ($3.5K), room naming ($1-$2.5K), conference mobile app ($3.5K) and Maker Happy Hour ($3.5K)

    If you've $5K, and hiring is your aim objective, come in as a Promoter where you will also have a job slot on to advertise your openings well before the conference starts. If you are looking to market your product or service, come in as a Diversity and Inclusion Promotor. People like to buy from companies supporting good social cause. And you get to pitch in on our medium blog post to tell the world about your support towards diversity and inclusion, while mentioning what your product and services are. We will also broadcast your causes to our 11,000+ Bay Area Python Devs in our mailing list.



    Can you help me reach a wider pool of Python developers?

    Consider spreading your message via a video sponsor!

    This year, we are expecting ~60 talks and 20 lightning talks. Your logo and message will be included in the YouTube video description as we broadcast the talks to 6000+ subscribers on SF Python's YouTube Channel and on PyVideo.

    Most PyBay talks have 2-5k views on SF Python's channel alone, quite a few have 20K+ views, and people are still watching PyBay's talk videos 4 years ago.

    Currently, video sponsorship is only available to Champion sponsors, but if you are keen on getting worldwide exposures, contact Grace to work it out.



    Tell me more about having PyBay paid bodyworkers at my booth

    Developers' wellness is important to your Conference Chair because face it, we have to work after this amazing weekend! So, we are providing massage therapists (table or chair TBD) to your booth so you can chat with appreciative Pythonistas while they sign-up and wait for their 20-minute massages. Ready to be swamped with conversations at your booth? Be our Champion sponsor.



    How do I maximize my sponsorship?

    Now: Committing earlier will ensure that you get more brand visibility before the conference. Every time we send a general marketing email to our 12,000+ members mailing list, it will include your company's logo as participating sponsors. If you have a job slot set up on, you will start generating traction with job seekers that may not be attending PyBay.

    A few weeks before: Get a tablecloth for your 6ft table, print a pop-up banner that fits behind it, and bring a extension cord if you need electricity. Plan to fit all your swag/supplies on or under your table. Champion or Partner Level Sponsors should print an additional 36"x84" pop-up banner to gain visibility on the main stage. The photos from past Pybays may help you get an idea of the layout.



    Where should I mail the booth swag material?

    Please follow the labeling and shipping instructions here.

    *Please note that this instruction is for shipping booth swag (banner, giveaways, etc.), if you are planning to ship oversized items and furniture, please check with Grace.



    Do you cover speaker's registration and travel expenses?

    Because of the generosity of our sponsor Bloomberg, for the first year in the history of PyBay, speakers’ registration is reduced to $175 (half of the cost of a hobbiest). We are super thrilled because the speakers for prior years were chipping in just as much as regular attendees so collectively, we can raise enough money to have a good conference for all. If you still need help with the speakers’ registration fee, financial aid will cover you. If you still want to pay full price because your company is cool, the money saved will go toward supporting diversity and inclusion scholarships. You can find more answers to talks and speakers questions on on this page.

    We are looking for more sponsors to help cover speakers’ travel. If successful, the amount raised will go to reimbursing speakers’ travel. Eg. If total receipts from speakers = $10000, total raised = $5,000, PyBay will reimburse 50% of submitted receipts. If total raised = $15,000, PyBay will allocate $5,000 to provide diversity and inclusion scholarships.

    contact us to sponsor speaker travel